What if Everything You Knew Was Wrong?

As much as many people do not like change, we are being catapulted into change head first; and this is an amazing thing.   If you want a new life, you need to be willing to have a new life.  This means letting go of everything you knew to make room for the new truths in your life.  The reality is that more than likely the old truths that you have known your whole life don’t belong in the new consciousness that we are experiencing as a planet.  Old paradigms just are not giving us the satisfactions that they once did.

We are into the age of Aquarius and with that transition comes the need for new spirituality. There is a spiritual awakening upon us and the old ways no longer are a comfortable fit. We have the consciousness now to manifest our biggest and wildest dreams and keep manifesting along the way to make it even better.

Spirituality and healing go hand in hand. I’ve had 20+ years of spirituality and health research under my belt, as well as a degree in psychology. I’ve owned wellness centers where I’ve had the privilege of seeing firsthand how consciousness can catapult healing in the body to bring about almost instant miracles. This is true spiritual healing where the mind heals the body and the body heals the mind while spirit winds through both. I’ve been able to see people discover spiritual gifts they never knew they had.

I’ve read thousands upon thousands of spiritual books and self help books and listened to hundreds of audios both from the past and present times. I’ve studied religions and lived in a Buddhist temple. I’ve traveled the world seeking out spiritual leaders and sought out spiritual relationships.  Most importantly, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of my own spirituality.  It is my intention that my articles will engage your heart, your mind and your spirit. I teach how to live a spiritual life in this fantastically material and kinetic world. I offer tips and tricks to help you expand more on your path to spiritual awakening.

I talk about spiritual growth, spiritual transformation, confidence, spiritual wellness, spiritual awakening, manifesting, the science of the mind, spiritual enlightenment, mindfulness exercises, action, living your path, and how to calm that little voice that tries to pull you back into chaos. Read your way through my site, sign up for my newsletter, download my mini books, and engage with me. I want to hear from you and learn from you as well.

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